Understanding How Wine And Whiskey Are Produced

If you love your wine or whiksey (including blended irish whiskey),it is possible you are curious about how wine or whiskey is produced. There are just five steps in the wine-making process. The first step is harvesting followed by crushing and pressing. After crushing and pressing, you move on to fermentation followed by clarification. The final step is the aging and bottling process. Just five steps and the different varieties are ready for connoisseurs like you to imbibe. 

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Harvesting the Grapes

The firsts stage in making your wine starts with the harvest. Labourers pick the ripe grapes and move them to the winery. At this point, experts pick out the unripe and rotten grapes. The good grapes are then selected for wine production.

Crushing and Pressing

These days, the crushing and pressing process is done by mechanical presses. This is a better and faster process than the manual process used a long time ago. After crushing and pressing, the wine maker takes the decision to produce white or red wine and modifies the production process accordingly. 


It is at this stage that the wine maker works his magic. In simple English fermentation is the process of converting the sugars in the grapes into alcohol. This process can take 10-30 days depending on the type of wine you want to create. In most cases, fermentation results in an alcohol content of 10%-15% and this is just right for your wine. 


You can describe this process as perfecting the wine. At this stage, the wine maker filters out unwanted material from the fermented wine and moves the filtered to barrels for aging or bottling.

Aging and Bottling

After clarification, the wine maker can start bottling the wine immediately. The wine maker might prefer to let the wine undergo further aging. It all depends on the type of wine the producer is looking at but one is clear. Take the five steps above and you get excellent wine. 

How Whiskey is made

Whiskey making (including blended Irish whiskey) takes just four processes. These are malting, mashing, fermentation and distillation. 
MaltingAll your whiskey starts the journey as raw grain. In most cases, barley is the preferred option. During the malting process, the barley gets moist and is allowed to germinate. This process converts the starch in the barley to sugar. The grains are dried and they are ready for the next stage in the whiskey making process.


This simply means crushing the grains in a large tank. You add hot water to the grains and get the grains agitated. This mixture of crushed grains is called a mash and after this process, it is time for fermentation. 


During the fermentation stage, yeast is added to the mash. The yeast converts all the sugar in the mash to alcohol. This process takes place in huge vats called "washbacks". Fermentation takes 48-96 hours and after this process, you are ready for distillation. 
DistillationThis is the final process in converting your grains to whiskey. It is a simple matter of heating, condensing and collecting the alcohol. You have many options here so you can go for the one that serves you best.